Sunday, 19 June 2011

How This Works!

Are you tired of searching random words and failing in the process? Well then use our free, non-downloadable tricks to get your SwagBucks flowing out of you like a cash machine! 

How this works is that you sign-up on the link which you can find in the instructions and then you earn as many points as you can,  remember THE-MORE-THE-BETTER because after you get the SwagBucks you desire, like 100 then send us a message (Our email is in the instructions) and we will send you a unique SwagCode which you write on the website and your number will be multiplied by x100 and you will have that amount! So:

100x100=10,000 SwagBucks!
500x100=50,000 SwagBucks!


Ok, so just follow the Step-By-Step instructions carefully to continue! 

1. Sign-up on the following link: 

2. Earn as many points as you can. THE-MORE-THE-BETTER.

3. Send me a message on my personal email:

4. Ask me for a unique code. Be Nice and I will reply with a code faster! (^_^).

5. Enter the code where it says: "Enter your Swag Code."

6. Enjoy and use it wisely!